4 things i wish i knew about blogging when i first started 


You probably get the idea of starting a blog- Choose a domain name and web hosting and start blogging successfully, but guess what!

There is more to that


Back in 2020 i started a blog forttechonline.com and I spent almost three weeks just designing the site as a beginner and after designing the site I was happy and I felt fulfilled thinking that's all the stress I'll ever have to face and then I copied some articles from other blogs and pasted it into my new blog thinking visitors will start trooping in as soon as a week with my content ranking in first or at least second page of the SERP (Search Engine Reports Page), but after 2 weeks of no organic traffic or keywords at all I decided to write my first article of 500 words then I noticed I started ranking in top 100 for two keywords so i watched some videos about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) on YouTube and and I learnt how important backlink is to the world of SEO but since I didn't know how to gain backlinks the right and natural way I went for spammy DIY and paid links and even though my DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) as well as my Spam Score rised a little bit I saw no results at all in organic traffic and that's when I realized there was more to blogging than taking shortcuts, though i made various mistakes that i wish i could go back in time to correct, i wouldn’t want you make the same mistakes i made so i wrote this article just for you, here are 4 things i wish i knew about blogging when i first started:



If you never show anyone your blog you'll get no visitors forever


If you're new into blogging and you think visitors just visit your blog with no effort as I narrated in my story above, you're very well mistaken.

The first step to take is to submit your site to Google or any other search engine then invite family and friends to see your blog but if you don't have money for paid ads and then you can think of posting your site link anywhere else on the web like a forum or web directory.


  1. Start a cheap blog under $10 first then decide on the next step to be taken


Life is taken step by step and if you try to jump you will definitely fall same as blogging you have to start step by step and if you try a shortcut method it's most likely you end up getting to the bottom where you started or even get disabled forever, while trying to pay for backlinks to rank higher on the SERP most sellers especially on freelance platforms like Fiverr or Upwork will offer you a DA 90 link for $5 or $15 and you'll end up getting a high spam score in which you won't even rank at all or even get penalized by Google temporarily or permanently for buying backlinks which they detest and is part of their policy.


Starting a blog under $10 would be the most recommend option if you're just starting out, here I'll show you how to start a functional blog under $10.

  •  Buy a domain name under $9 for example .com, .net and .org tld goes for $5.98-$8.99 on most sites and .xyz which is not really recommended goes for $0.99, though the .xyz extension is very good but it's preferable you buy the .com extension if you have the choice at that point in time.
  • Buy web hosting for $1 per 3 months with the method below:

Go to this link- $1 for 3 months hosting.


  1. Build backlinks organically


Above I explained the effect of buying spammy and unnatural backlinks and to avoid all these you have to build backlinks organically, though purchasing a sponsored post is not really a bad idea but note that a normal DA 90 link from a sponsored post costs more than $1,000 and some people even go as far as faking their DA to sell backlinks for a high price which won't help your SEO and at all, they claim to sell DA 50 links for $5 whereas the real DA is not up to 5, even if you check the DA on Moz, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest or Semrush they don't suspect this trick and if only you know the methods of spotting a manipulated DA that's when you can differentiate a real DA from a fake one.

Organic backlinks come from writing great content that are worth linking to or creating a tool or an infographics on your blog, organic links can also come from guest posting by reaching out to bloggers in your niche which I totally recommend.


  1. Don't ever plagiarize content, write them yourself

No matter how bad you are in writing once you choose a niche for your blog and you have an idea or passion for that niche, no matter the kind of blog post you write, your self written blog posts are always better than a plagiarized content, as I said in my story in the second paragraph of this article I plagiarized content which I felt they were great and ranking high but after copying and pasting articles into my new blog I never ranked for a keyword then how will I ever even get organic traffic, till I wrote my first blog post of just about 500 words that's when I started ranking for 2 keywords and if you fall into this category of copy and pasting articles to your blog from another blog post it's better you stop so you won't continue wasting your time.

If you don't want to write articles yourself you can pay writers to write articles for you but note that a well written article costs more than $50, you can also request for guest post on your blog by creating a write for us page but you won't receive quality submissions often until you have a DA worth the article, guest bloggers are always looking for a backlink to their site and in exchange you get free content for your site.


Learn all what I taught you in this article so you won't have to learn it in more than 1 year as i did, and if you're looking to earn money free money online check out this free income from home secrets information, Download now [Worth $67].